Business and Personal Use

Donlen’s Business and Personal Use program provides drivers a simple way to track vehicle utilization.

Our DonlenDriver platform helps your drivers accept company policies, view vehicle information, enter business and personal use mileage, perform advanced fuel location and service vendor searches, and order company designated vehicles.

All business and personal use information is seamlessly integrated into FleetWeb, Donlen’s intuitive fleet management platform, meaning fleet managers and drivers are able to see the most current, up-to-date information.

Donlen uses the Annual Lease Value Method for determining the tax liability of a driver for personal mileage.

Each month, drivers are sent an email reminding them to report their mileage. Once the driver has entered his/her mileage, the program calculates the taxable benefit to comply with federal tax laws, which reduces calls to your payroll department when these costs are charged to the driver. Donlen sends customers the necessary reports for employee benefits, payroll deductions and W-2s.

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