Motor Vehicle Records

Donlen provides the platform and infrastructure through which we actively manage MVR checks.

Standard graded points system for evaluating drivers in different states

We work with you on integrating your own point system, or if safety training is needed, training modules can be assigned to the driver based upon his or her driving record, or as a matter of continuing education. Our experts will help you to develop a program that meets your needs and remains within the parameters of our contract with the state.

There are two solution options for MVR:

Continuous Monitoring

Allows a customer to be alerted to any change in driver status and/or points. This is a benefit to customers as it is a real time option to identify potential risk as it relates to MVR.

Traditional MVR pull

Can be done at any frequency a customer requests (ex: annually or bi-annually).

We have an integrated safe driving program in place where MVR scores automatically trigger safety training events. We also have a grading structure in place and we can work with you on developing an actively managed approach and set up a safe driving program that meets the requirements of your fleet.

Our MVR program is unique in that it offers the option for drivers to give their electronic consents to having their MVR run. This e-consent is accepted in most states and not only streamlines the process, but eases the burden of administration, and eliminates paper waste. In Canada, the processing time for running driver abstracts ranges from three days to three weeks, depending on the Province’s administrative processing times.

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