Risk Management

Reduce your fleet accident rate by 15-20%

Our industry-first solution aggregates data from all areas of driver risk, providing driver risk scores and delivering proactive intelligence and actionable steps to compel safer driver behavior.

If an accident occurs in your fleet with no injuries, the cost to your organization will be an average of $16,500 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If there are injuries, costs skyrocket to $75,000, and $500,000 if there are fatalities. And more importantly, the safety and well-being of your fleet drivers is compromised.

The Donlen Risk Center helps you improve fleet safety and get your drivers home safely.

Our industry-first solution gives you the actionable intelligence you need to identify high-risk drivers, provide the steps to influence their driving behavior, and reduce risk to your organization.

Gain a comprehensive view of fleet risk – We take all data related to driver risk and aggregate it into a single, unmatched solution, managed completely by Donlen. Comprehensive fleet risk information is presented within an easily accessible dashboard with the FleetWeb® Intelligence Visualization Suite.

Uncover high-risk drivers – Uncover high-risk drivers – Drivers are accurately scored based on all safety and operating data. An A through D scale is used to help you identify those drivers showing risky behaviors such as speeding, hazardous braking, or maintenance violations.

Take preventive action to improve safety – Instead of a reactive approach, our predictive analytics delivers proactive intelligence and automatically assigns and tracks corrective training for high-risk drivers.

Get the reporting you need – Filtering is available so you can view fleet, division, and individual driver level risk information. Reporting includes preset, standard reports along with access to custom reports based on your unique requirements.

Eliminate the costly, cumbersome task of manual fleet risk data compilation and analysis. Proactively influence drivers to operate their fleet vehicles safely. Reduce your exposure to costs and risks related to accidents and litigation. Get your drivers home safely with the Donlen Risk Center.

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