Streamline Your Fleet Operations with Strategic Consulting

We believe the best way to help our customers starts by listening. Our Strategic Consulting team works closely with you to develop strategies supported by actionable solutions, based on deep analysis of your present status and future needs. Donlen’s Strategic Consultants use our state-of-the-art technology to deliver customized solutions and recommendations over the lifecycle of your fleet. Our team of dedicated consultants with deep industry expertise gathers the data you need when you need it to help you make important decisions.

Strategic Focus Planning

We partner with you to deliver actionable recommendations to achieve your company goals while driving fleet cost savings. Fleets that use our Strategic Consulting service benefit from our:

Flexible Consulting Scorecard process:
Fleet reviews customized to your schedules
Measures key behavior and compliance KPI’s
Discussions to help you identify program savings and areas of opportunity

Detailed measurement of costs and trends, including:
Operations management
Benchmarking versus similar fleets
Savings opportunities

Our fleet experts are ready to dive into your fleet metrics. Contact us below to learn more.

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