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Our Primary Focus is You

When it comes to judging the effectiveness of a company’s customer service efforts, there is really only one measure that matters — customer satisfaction.

You can view video testimonials from a few of Donlen’s satisfied customers here.

This kind of trust does not happen by accident. It takes a dedicated team of professionals who understand the unique needs of fleet operations.

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Customer Retention

We pride ourselves on consistently retaining more than 99% of our customers annually. We use a number of feedback processes including a custom-built CRM tool, CARE®, to capture and measure all aspects of customer communication and relationships.

This, combined with ongoing internal metrics which are collected and reviewed monthly, annual customer feedback and survey programs, and other internal quantitative processes, allows us to validate our service delivery program on a regular basis.

Customer service team wins Stevie Award

Our customer service team works with you to streamline internal processes, increase productivity, and drive efficiencies within your fleet. This proactive and personalized approach is why we were awarded the Gold Stevie® Award for Customer Service Management Team of the Year in 2016.

World-Class Maintenance Call Center Receives Outstanding Customer Support Performance Recognition

Our Maintenance Contact Center received the Outstanding Customer Support Performance award from The Fraser Group in 2016. To achieve this recognition, Donlen’s 56 maintenance advisers were evaluated against 500 measurable criteria each month for 12 months, receiving a performance score above 90 percent in areas such as listening, questioning, confirmation, professionalism, and closing.

Customer Service at Donlen

Commitment, Collaboration and Creativity: A Partnership in Success

We’re successful when our customers are successful; it is as simple as that. Our approach to customer service is a holistic one and everyone at Donlen plays a part. The foundation of our partnership starts with a comprehensive company-wide understanding of your business and its unique needs. Then our teams get to work to develop customized solutions that solve problems and set the stage for success.

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