Donlen’s maintenance program offers your fleet comprehensive maintenance at competitive rates across more than 30,000 network vendors in the US and 3,000 network vendors in Canada.

Car and Truck Maintenance Consultation

Keeping your vehicles on the road and fully compliant is what we do. Our ASE-certified advisors have decades of experience with all vehicle types, which allows them to consult and help you with:

Reviews of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services. We will negotiate costs and screen for warranty coverage on your behalf

Centralized billing and payment procedures covering all of your maintenance transactions

Detailed and accurate reporting of maintenance transactions, enabling you to make strategic decisions to lower fleet costs and improve vehicle performance

24/7/365 maintenance contact center available to help you with any and all maintenance questions you may have

Preventative Maintenance Compliance

Our unique eCoupon solution sends notifications straight to your drivers’ smartphone or tablet to help you reduce your fleet’s maintenance costs and minimize the risk of costly events like breakdowns and blowouts. This electronic preventative maintenance (PM) program:

Has improved our customers’ fleet PM compliance by ~7%

Provides specific network vendor location recommendations near your drivers where PM services are being offered at competitive costs

Allows you to send Spanish (US) and French (Canada) language notifications to drivers

Can be configured to suit your fleet’s needs through multiple setup parameters, such as custom language, tailored PM services, adjustable reminder frequency, and escalation steps

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Truck Specific Programs

Donlen is partnered with a number of vendors nationwide to provide the services that unique truck fleets need while minimizing the interruption to your business.

These programs include:

Mobile maintenance provides PM and routine repairs at the customer’s location, on a schedule tailored to the needs of their business

On-site maintenance provides maintenance operations and dedicated technicians to manage the repair facilities owned and operated by the customer

Establishing a localized vendor network with defined benefits, such as negotiated pricing, pick-up/drop-services, or priority scheduling

Efficient Transaction Management

Our purchase order (PO) system is electronically integrated with major maintenance vendors’ point-of-sales systems, which means that we have access to the most accurate information, a catalog of data of over 5,000 service codes (which enables accurate tracking and reporting of maintenance services), and more efficient transaction processing. View details of all repairs, approve orders directly with the vendor, and experience reduced vehicle downtime through our PO system.

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