DonlenPass Toll Management

Is your fleet spending time and money establishing toll accounts, reconciling invoices, and paying toll violations?

Integrate our easy-to-use Toll Management program into FleetWeb® to help you manage and reduce your toll spend.

If you are like most fleets, toll violations are the largest percentage of your violation cost.

If you are like most fleets, toll violations are the largest percentage of your violation cost. Keeping toll accounts up to date is key to reducing your toll violations. With DonlenPass, you have comprehensive coverage of your fleet tolls in the U.S. and the 407 ETR in Canada.

Fleet toll coverage with flexible self-manage options

DonlenPass and FleetWeb give you the ability to configure your program to meet your specific fleet needs.

Simplify: DonlenPass gives you a single toll solution, covering more than 95% of the major tolling areas in the U.S. and now the 407 ETR in Canada.

Automate: Save time with automatic toll authority registration updated daily with your FleetWeb vehicle information.

Reduce: Avoid toll violations and eliminate toll expense reporting and reimbursement.

DonlenPass dashboard

The user-friendly DonlenPass dashboard makes day-to-day toll management simple, giving you enhanced controls and visibility that FleetWeb provides:

Integrated: Your enrolled vehicles are fully integrated with FleetWeb’s Vehicle Information Center (VIC).

Flexible: Change enrollment on the fly. No need to call the toll management provider to make your driver changes.

Detailed: Drill down to charges at the vehicle level through FleetWeb’s detailed Toll Management reports.

Benefits for you:

Consolidate multiple toll accounts into one program

Eliminate the need to fund accounts

Centralized controls, reporting, and payment processing

Enhanced visibility into your fleet’s tolling activity with integrated reporting

Eliminate toll expense reporting

Seek reimbursement for personal tolls directly from drivers

Benefits for your drivers:

Take advantage of high-speed, cashless toll lanes

Simplified transponder management

Toll error processing and violation resolution

Customer support

Driver communication and fulfillment coordination

Personal toll tracking

DonlenPass is completely automated. From the onset, we are working for you behind the scenes to make sure your drivers are enrolled and receive the necessary information to fully adhere to the program.



Donlen registers your fleet’s vehicles with toll authorities.


Welcome Kit:

Drivers receive a customized welcome kit that includes a welcome letter outlining the program, transponder box, transponder sticker, or video windshield cling – whichever is appropriate based on their location.


DonlenPass Dashboard:

Begin using the DonlenPass Dashboard to make enrollment changes based on driver or company, or link to detailed reports within FleetWeb.

More efficient toll management with our Personal Tolling Management solution

How much time do you spend itemizing toll occurrences in order to bill your drivers for non-business toll transactions? With our Personal Tolling Management solution, Donlen can bill your drivers directly for personal toll transactions – saving you time and money. Our solution allows DonlenPass customers to:

Set business hours based on fleet requirements

Send charges automatically to drivers for tolls occurring outside of the fleet’s defined business hours

By utilizing the services provided by Donlen and ATS, the Goodman Networks day-to-day toll management program has been streamlined and consolidated. As a result, I am able to dedicate more time to other areas of our fleet program without having to worry about tolls and violations.

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