The remarketing process is critical to the success of any fleet management program.

That's why we sell each fleet vehicle individually to achieve the optimal balance between the time it takes to sell a vehicle and selling it at the right price.

Vehicle are viewed either in person or via our online inventory management system, where pictures and condition reports are stored. Donlen then relocates off-lease vehicles to the resale channel that maximizes your resale value based on our comprehensive vendor scorecard.

Dealer Direct

Dealer Direct is designed to improve returns for customers. It allows Donlen to access a broad buyer base of fleet-focused dealers throughout the country. With over 100 dedicated sales representatives promoting Donlen vehicles to these dealers directly, the returns to our customers are higher.

Customers have access to a new sales channel that delivers greater funds than typically received from traditional channels. Dealer Direct sells vehicles in fewer days and lowers program costs.

Auction Sales

For maximum dollar return and fast turnaround, we are highly selective. Our national network consists of a mix of ADESA, Manheim, independent, and specialty auctions. Collectively, these vendors handle all types of fleet cars and trucks.

Live auctions let you earn more for your vehicles. We utilize state-of-the-art industry technology and competitive bidding among hundreds of buyers so you can receive the best value for your vehicles.

Specialty Outlets

With vehicle remarketing, one size — or one remarketing channel — certainly does not fit all. And for those vehicles not best sold through the normal distribution channels, Donlen uses specialty outlets. Specialized vehicles include trucks, wrecked vehicles, construction equipment, and vehicles requiring specialized buyers. Donlen’s outlets include public auctions, equipment auctions, truck auctions, highline auctions, powersports, and salvage auctions.

Public Auctions

These auctions, open to any interested buyer, will generally sell any kind of vehicle. They are especially useful for selling lower-end or lower-priced vehicles.

Truck Auctions

Donlen uses a network of auctions that principally attract buyers for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Auctions at these locations generally occur once a month.

Equipment Auctions

We also have outlets in our network that focus on selling highly specialized vehicles and items, such as forklifts and construction equipment, which may not sell well at a general automobile auction.

Highline Auctions

To sell high-end cars, Donlen relies on auctions that specialize in these vehicles and attract buyers who do not normally buy typical fleet vehicles.

Salvage Auctions

We have outlets in our network that focus on selling highly specialized vehicles and items, such as forklifts and construction equipment.

Employee and Driver Sales

When employees buy their company vehicle for personal use, it’s a win-win situation. Employees get a vehicle they are comfortable with at a competitive price and corporations earn faster turnaround and a substantial cost savings for their fleet operations while providing an employee benefit.

Net returns for employee sales are typically hundreds of dollars better than those seen through other channels.

Donlen handles all requisite administration, with driver and employee sale processing times averaging less than two days.

Sell fleet vehicles to drivers as they come off lease

Donlen handles the entire administrative process, including promoting the sale as the vehicle comes off lease, sending a quote letter, obtaining funds and legal documents from the purchaser, and providing all documents needed to complete the sale.

Donlen’s remarketing team has two effective channels for employee sales:

  • Our Personal Sales Quote Program (PSQP) offers each driver the opportunity to purchase his/her vehicle directly, and can be customized to your guidelines.
  • Whether participating in PSQP or not, another option is selling terminated units to your employee base through the secure website.

Other benefits of Employee and Driver Sales

  • Your employees will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a financing program we have established with Innovative Funding Services (IFS). This program features:
    • Highly competitive flexible or variable rates based on the employee’s credit rating.
    • 100% vehicle financing including taxes, fees, and service plans.
    • The option of purchasing an extended service plan at wholesale dealer rates.

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