The Electrification Journey – Are we there yet?


Are you prepared to achieve your corporate sustainability objectives? As with any road trip, you will need to assess where you are and where you want to go—and perhaps navigate some of the stops along the way. Work with the proven Donlen EV experts to create a strategy for your ultimate goals and what interim plans may be needed.

Electric Vehicles

Where to start?

While sustainability is a long-term goal, a key component can be electric vehicles. John Wuich, Donlen’s VP of Strategic Consulting Services provides a step-by-step strategy for preparing your fleet for BEV readiness. From setting a start date through realistic phased in approaches, you can define and meet your goals, plan for costs and know your true EV TCO.

The Electric Last Mile

Donlen partners with ELMS for an electric solution

ELMS demonstrates the Next Era in Fleet with their all-electric urban delivery vehicle. Maria Neve, VP of Sustainability and Electrification provides context for the on-site visit at Global HQ, where employees were given a hands-on experience with an e-mobility commercial fleet delivery van. Tom Callahan, Donlen CEO and Justin Prann, ELMS’ VP Sales and Service discuss the significance of EV adoption for fleet delivery vehicles.

The Donlen BEV Guide


Assessing your fleet for BEV Readiness

Electrification is a fleet revolution that has already begun. So how do you join the movement? First, you need to know what you don’t know—and what will actually will have impact on your evolving fleet. A strategy will be needed for developing your EV plans and knowing how to manage during each phase of the transition. 

From assessing true fleet needs to researching what is out there to investigating infrastructure, it’s time to call in the experts. View our checklist of nine topics essential to assessing BEV readiness. Download Donlen’s BEV Guide to get started on your journey!

Download our BEV guide