Vehicle Acquisition

Acquiring cars and trucks for your fleet should be streamlined and efficient. With Donlen’s qualified professionals and online tools driving our vehicle acquisition process, you’re given dedicated advisors that provide industry insights to guide your vehicle selection. FleetWeb® gives fleet decision-makers visibility for order detail, scanned factory invoices, gross vehicle weight, factory order number, and current manufacturer build status.

Streamlined Order Management

Gain more visibility to the vehicle ordering process than ever with an order management system (the first of its kind). Here are just a few significant benefits of Donlen’s Order Management:

Full visibility of each stage of the ordering process from start to finish

A wide variety of selector creation options and upfit packages

Order approval function to obtain internal approvals

First-to-market bailment pool management system

Build and modify vehicle selectors to facilitate factory ordering

Price any vehicle and compare up to four vehicles side by side for current and previous model years

Our people make the difference

Our team of order specialists work with you every step of the way to ensure your vehicles are ordered to fit your specifications. They guide you with:

Evaluating orders for inconsistencies

Monitoring dealer-installed items

Assigning a courtesy delivering dealer

Evaluating customer preferred dealer vs. Donlen’s closer/less expensive dealer

Verifying dealer can handle license and titling

Better courtesy delivery experience with Agent Central eDraft

Agent Central eDraft gives courtesy delivery dealers access to comprehensive vehicle data, allowing them to better prepare for vehicle delivery, and in turn get fleet vehicles to drivers faster. By streamlining and enhancing the courtesy delivery process with our electronic draft portal, you can rest assured that your drivers will receive timely, professional service at delivering dealerships, allowing them to get on the road as quickly as possible.

Truck Acquisition

Donlen’s dedicated team of truck and equipment specialists offers consultative advice backed by years of experience and innovative online and mobile tools to increase the operating efficiency of your fleet. Our Truck Marketing Institute (TMI) and ASE-Certified specialists provide support to assure that the correct vehicle and equipment are selected for all applications, including:

Operating cost analyses

Upfitting recommendations

Bailment pool management

The coordination of special licensing or upfitting requirements

National Account Vendors
By specializing in new vehicle specifications and upfit engineering, Donlen makes the truck acquisition process seamless.

With more than 8,000 National Account Vendors in our truck network, we provide you with the flexibility necessary to meet your organizational needs.

Additional benefits include:

Minimizing downtime by locating an experienced vendor

The option to add vendors to our network, further streamlining your business operations

Negotiated pricing at the local and national levels

The utilization of FleetWeb® to manage the entire process

Special manufacturer warranties, which are tracked at the customer level, along with standard warranty information

Let Donlen help you get the right vehicle at the right time for the right cost.

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