Licensing and Compliance

Donlen Licensing Services experts skillfully manage fleet vehicle title and registration to ensure compliance.

When your vehicles arrive, we believe you shouldn't have to worry about whether it’s properly licensed or who holds the title. Our License and Title experts takes care of that for you.

Benefits to Save You Time

Dedicated Licensing Experts

Our team of knowledgeable license and title specialists offers expert assistance through all phases of the licensing process to eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and ensure that you are compliant with state, county, and local regulations.

State-to-State Transfers

When delivering vehicles to another state, we handle the transfer. Once we’re supplied with the Manufacturer Statement of Origin by the delivering dealer, we prepare the required documents to license and title the vehicle.

Benefits for your drivers:

All information pertaining to your fleet – including license and title information and renewals – is integrated into FleetWeb®, our web and mobile device enabled fleet management platform. FleetWeb also provides reports that enable your administrators to identify drivers who are not in compliance. Learn more about FleetWeb here.

Programs to Manage the Process

AutoTag management program completely automates the renewal process and:

Supports all leased or owned vehicles

Processes renewals, transfers, duplicates, replacements, and amendments

Provides fleet manager notifications

Gives you FleetWeb Dashboard monitoring

Maintains current state requirements

Meets your fleet’s unique title and registration paperwork requirements

Connects you to our vast network of DMV contacts, feet-on-the-street agents, and other industry experts

Provides you online tools for fast replacement and amendment requests

Improves your compliance through consolidated fleet reporting

Streamlines road-ready delivery through collaboration with our acquisition team

Eliminates administrative time for you and your employees

DonlenPass is your simplest, most efficient way to manage everything related to tolls. To learn more about DonlenPass, click here.

Prevent those costly toll violations through DonlenGuard, which manages toll authority and activity.

Toll authority penalties disappear when a toll is paid through DonlenGuard

Vehicles are protected from aggressive toll authority collection including suspended registrations, impounded vehicles, and blocked renewals

Drivers keep the option to obtain their own transponder

Toll activity is available in FleetWeb

Low administrative fees only if the toll is not otherwise paid

Through Title Retention, Donlen audits and stores your non-lease titles.

Donlen’s violation management solution allows drivers to pay parking and camera violations. In addition, you receive optional email notifications and robust reporting which helps you manage driver behavior. This solution also prevents collection activity and excessive penalties. Click here to learn more on how we help you prevent costly toll violations.

It is vital to stay in compliance with the ever-changing regulation landscape. Our regulatory compliance experts keep you informed of any changes that affect your fleet. Learn more on how our products keep your fleet and drivers in 100 percent compliance by clicking here.

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