Violation Management is Donlen’s proactive electronic violation processing solution, designed to reduce risks and cut costs for your fleet. Our comprehensive program can help fleets save up to 80% compared with traditional violation processing methods.

Donlen’s Violation Management solution offers:

Fleet Convenience

  • Enroll simply with flexible self-manage options
  • Eliminates the burden and expense of processing violations internally
  • Saves up to 80% over traditional processing methods
  • Increases fleet ability to monitor driver behavior
  • Improves visibility of violations linked to driver safety, such as red light and speed cameras

Driver Benefits

  • Reduces driver risk of increasing penalties by ensuring violations are processed before escalations
  • Allows drivers to view violation detail immediately online
  • Enables drivers to take action to resolve or dispute violations faster than traditional methods

How it Works

With Violation Management, Transfer of Liability is possible for about 80% of violations, simplifying the processing of violations, and yielding the largest portion of savings for our customers.

By switching from the pay and collect model, transfer of liability eliminates the need to seek reimbursement from drivers and can significantly reduce overall violation spend. When a transfer of liability is not an option, violations are paid to issuing authority directly with reimbursement sought from the driver first without the need for any fleet involvement.

More efficient toll management with our Personal Tolling Management solution

In November 2013, Donlen launched DonlenPass, our comprehensive toll management solution developed to provide a consolidated program to manage tolls and protect fleets from the largest segment of fleet violations. When you pair our Violation Management solution with DonlenPass, Donlen has all of your fleet violations covered to help you reduce risk and cut costs.

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