Fleet Technology

Predictive Analytics

Through our Vehicle Optimization Model®(VOM), an interactive system that makes vehicle lifecycling analysis more realistic, we navigate your fleet around the hurdles that could cost you time and money.

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Data Management and Security

Our historical data on fleets of all shapes and sizes is our greatest asset – and we protect it to conduct business as usual. The confidentiality, integrity, and availability to data is key prerogative of Donlen and we work with you to ensure it’s private and secure.

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Fleet Management Tools

FleetWeb® is Donlen’s award-winning online fleet management system, and features a level of automation, business intelligence, and security like no other system in the industry. FleetWeb can be used for all facets of order entry, information maintenance, and fleet management.

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Driver Solutions

Our apps and driver applications make the order process seamless, so you have the vehicles you need when you need them. Additionally, give your drivers the tools they need to track business and personal use along with corrective training to ensure safety and compliance all year long.

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Award-winning Fleet Management Technology

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