Driver Management Tools and Apps

Keeping your fleet drivers compliant and productive.

DonlenDriver gives your drivers the tools they need to stay compliant and keep your fleet running smoothly. Our platform provides your drivers with the ability to accept company policies, view important vehicle and usage information, enter business and personal use reporting with the swipe of a finger, perform advanced fuel location and service vendor searches, order company designated vehicles, and more.

DonlenDriver allows your drivers to:

  • Track preventative maintenance schedules
  • Compare company-approved vehicles side-by-side
  • Instantly access to your company’s fleet policies
  • View behavioral data when integrated with DriverPoint® Telematics
  • Access driver-specific training courses

Worried about the security of our application? DonlenDriver is powered Amazon Cognito (an authentication and access AWS product) to ensure that all of your company’s private information remains highly secure.

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