FleetWeb® is Donlen’s award-winning online fleet management system and is designed to help you stay in control of your fleet operations while reducing costs.

With a level of automation, business intelligence, and security like no other system in the industry, you can rely on FleetWeb for all facets of order entry, information maintenance, and fleet management.


FleetWeb not only gives you actionable reports, but also the option to design highly customized reports which can be viewed online or downloaded for later use.


All of Donlen’s systems are completely integrated on FleetWeb, allowing you instant data access using real-time data.


This feature creates opportunities for you to make quick responses to savings possibilities or potential compliance issues.

Visualize, Analyze, and Act with the FleetWeb® Intelligence Visualization Suite

As a fleet professional, you are consistently asked to deliver new strategies for reducing fleet spend and improving performance. To succeed, it’s critical that you identify trends and opportunities quickly.

Donlen’s suite of fleet management business intelligence tools, the FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite, summarizes your fleet’s performance using intuitive and actionable charts and graphs to help you improve productivity and reduce unnecessary spending.

Access powerful, real-time data with FleetWeb® Intelligence Report Builder

More than 500 data reporting fields to manage your fleet quickly and efficiently. Our improved, easy-to-use interface means your fleet data is easier to manage than ever before.

Customizable Dashboards

Report Builder


An intuitive reporting dashboard, allowing you to easily access and view latest run reports, suggested reports, and report subscriptions all in one place

A robust, interactive report builder, where you can fully customize reports with drag and drop data fields, create detail and summary reports, and preview reports as you build them

Simple subscriptions, which you can easily set up to be sent directly to you either via email, online, or through simple data integration with Application programming Interface (API) output

FleetWeb’s dashboard gives you instant access to:

Customer-specific sidebar reports

New graphical data displays

Fleet performance metrics

Fuel gauge tracking

Oil gauge exceptions

Speedometer tracking of actual cost per mile performance

Warning light exceptions that alert you when your vehicles are out of compliance

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