Predictive Analytics

Through our proprietary Vehicle Optimization Model® (VOM), an interactive system that makes vehicle lifecycling analysis more realistic, Donlen navigates your fleet around the hurdles that could cost your fleet money.

Comparing vehicle selection and cycling options with Donlen’s powerful, efficient VOM allows you to identify the most cost-effective vehicles for your fleet and reduce your total cost of ownership.

By selecting vehicles, months in service, and annual mileage, users can project their fleet’s performance and compare hundreds of vehicle options. VOM allows users to customize financial parameters for any comparison analysis to reflect your fleet’s specific scenario, such as:

  • Calculating different financial parameters, such as interest rates
  • Factoring in any manufacturer incentives or coupons

Our fleet Vehicle Optimization Model offers comparative total cost of ownership data for many fleet-friendly vehicles in these areas:

  • Cost-per -mile projections
  • National Auction Index® (NAI) resale comparisons
  • Depreciation break-even analysis
  • MPG comparison
  • Carbon emissions calculation


Multi-select functionality allows you to compare several vehicles at once with ease. You can also access vehicle specifications and a paydown schedule, providing you with all of the data you need to make informed decisions for your fleet.


When accessed via desktop, all of the vehicle comparison analyses run in Donlen’s VOM can be easily exported in a ready-to-share format, empowering you with the data you need to get corporate buy-in for your fleet vehicle selection.


With our VOM tool, you can discover the vehicles with the lowest lifecycle cost for your fleet.

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