Accident Management

Donlen’s accident management solution is a comprehensive offering that manages the recording and processing of driver incidents, accident repairs, and recovery of losses from third parties through subrogation. If you are a self-insured fleet, our robust accident management solution will minimize your administrative time and vehicle downtime to get your drivers back on the road as quickly as possible.

Here are the facts:

Here are the facts:

On average, 20% of your vehicles will be involved in an accident each year.

Of those accidents, 40% will be the fault of the other driver.

The average cost of an accident is $2,800.

What does that mean to you?

What does that mean to you?

  • For example, if a 200-unit fleet has an average of 40 accidents at a cost of $2,800 each, that equates to $112,000 out of your pocket every year.
  • If your comprehensive insurance and deductible costs exceed the total accident cost, then your costs are too high.

Donlen’s comprehensive program can help

Donlen’s comprehensive program can help

Our accident management solution offers you comprehensive accident repair services for your fleet vehicles, full accident data integration into FleetWeb, our award-winning fleet management platform, a 24/7/365 customer care center, and a top vendor network to help you with:

Gathering a complete accident report from the driver

Assisting drivers with your company procedures


Interim rental program

Proper internal notification as well as risk/liability carrier

Collection of data and comprehensive reporting

Alternate transportation

Management of body repairs

Vehicle downtime

Loss recovery/subrogation

Disposal of total loss vehicles

Centralized Billing

Access to all of your claim data and documents in FleetWeb®, Donlen’s proprietary online tool.

Rapid Claims:

Donlen’s photo-driven claims tool

Rapid Claims is a photo-driven approach that speeds up the claims process, keeping you and drivers contact-free. Damage is quickly evaluated by highly qualified in-house appraisers while the approval and repair process substantially shortens.

Rapid Claims minimizes downtime by eliminating the need for a driver to visit a shop for an estimate. By reducing the number of rental days, you save money and your drivers are limited to only necessary contact.

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