DriverPoint® Telematics

DriverPoint® Telematics is the industry’s most comprehensive telematics platform to help you improve the safety of your fleet, decrease costs, and manage driver productivity

A multi-faceted program of telematics, online driver training, and driver scorecards

DriverPoint Telematics is Donlen’s powerful, custom-built solution, completely integrated with our fleet management platform, FleetWeb®. Driver safety and cost reduction continue to be the biggest challenges facing fleets today, and DriverPoint helps you meet these challenges head on.

DriverPoint can help you

Lower your accident rate by more than


Increase MPG by more than


Decrease mileage by more than


Lower operating costs by up to


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See how Donlen’s comprehensive telematics platform can help you improve fleet safety, reduce costs, and manage driver productivity.

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DriverPoint Solutions

DriverPoint Telematics with Nauto

DriverPoint Telematics with Nauto

Donlen and Nauto’s telematics solution uses AI technology to detect instances of distracted or aggressive driving and instantly alerts your drivers to switch their attention back to the road in front of them, reducing costs related to accidents and ensuring that your drivers make it home safe and sound.

This multi-sensor device easily attaches to your windshield and will help you:

Coach your highest risk drivers on their behavior behind the wheel

Keep your vehicles active and on the road

Drill down into the safety of your fleet using Nauto’s VERA Score™

Protect your fleet vehicles from wrongful at-fault claims

Communicate with your drivers concerning unsafe or unusual events while they’re on the road

Advanced Diagnostics Device

Our Advanced Diagnostics telematics device is the first of its kind to track data for a fleet vehicle’s tire pressure, odometer, and oil life. With the data points available through our Advanced Diagnostics, you will be able to accurately forecast, budget, and maintain vehicles using actual odometer readings rather than relying on driver input of mileage, experience up to an additional 3.3% increase in MPG by properly managing tire pressure, and reduce engine failures and properly maintain vehicles by tracking the true oil life of your fleet vehicles.

DriverPoint Driver Identification for Pool Vehicles

Pinpoint risky behavior by driver – instead of by vehicle – with our combined software and hardware solution in order to increase driver accountability, improve fleet safety, and reduce costs. Learn more about DriverPoint Driver Identification here.

DriverPoint Telematics is Fully Integrated with Ford 2021 Model Year Vehicles

The joint integration uses Ford built-in modems to track driver behavior and capture vehicle and diagnostic data, without the need for an additional physical device. That data is then immediately uploaded to FleetWeb®, Donlen’s centralized fleet management platform, providing access to the insights customers need for internal policy improvements, driver coaching and training, and enhanced driver safety.

OnStar Telematics Integration with DriverPoint

OnStar telematics is integrated with DriverPoint to provide driver location and behavior and vehicle diagnostics directly from properly equipped GM vehicles, with no telematics device required. Eliminating the need for hardware installation and management saves time for both you and your drivers. DriverPoint is also able to capture advanced diagnostic features from OnStar, such as odometer, oil life, and tire pressure. Learn more about how data provided by OnStar integrates with DriverPoint here.

DriverPoint AssetCheck

AssetCheck is Donlen’s simple and easy tracking solution for assets like trailers, equipment, and vehicles that answers two simple questions: Where is it? Did it move?

Driver Safety

Even with the best safety policies and training programs in place, your fleet’s safety record is greatly impacted by what your drivers do behind the wheel.

DriverPoint enables you to establish a “safety profile” on each driver and develop programs and policies to increase safety awareness. By monitoring specific events, such as rapid acceleration/deceleration and excessive speed, you can easily spot certain trends that may compromise driver safety.

You can then implement a course of action, which can be anything from online training to email safety reminders to drivers.

Addressing specific behaviors through education and policy development will result in immediate benefits across your fleet, including:

Increased safety
Fewer accident claims
Better fuel economy
Lower maintenance costs

DriverPoint Telematics dashboard and reports

Protect your assets with DriverPoint’s intuitive dashboard. The driver behavior dashboard shows rating trends, idle time, any alerts, and vehicle information among many other features.

DriverPoint’s dashboard is not only your workspace for creating and viewing reports, you can also sort by driver behavior, time period, events, and make comparisons side-by-side – whatever reporting period you specify. Need more information on a certain event? Simply click and view the data on a map.

Want to see how you can reduce your fleet’s operating costs up to 11% with DriverPoint Telematics?

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