Fleet Safety Training

Our safety training course help you reduce collisions, injuries, costs, and the liability exposure of your fleet. No need to craft an entire safety training program – our extensive library of courses can quickly be assigned to drives and gives you the visibility on their performance and completion.

Program Features

Our safety program offers 70 online modules covering a wide variety of training needs. Drivers are assigned targeted training for optimal results, all easily accessible on desktop and mobile. Donlen’s fleet safety training modules are shot with real-life footage, engaging your drivers for optimal results. Following each training segment, drivers are provided testing to verify training efficiency.

High-Quality Training Content

70 training modules
Multiple languages available
Including workplace safety

Full-motion interactive videos broken into 15-20-minute modules

Unlimited curriculum provides drivers access to all training topics, whether part of your company’s requirements or not

Configurable Testing Policy

Improve training efficiency by setting up customizable passing scores

Implement training schedules that drivers complete in regular intervals

Efficiently Manage Training

Includes dashboard summaries and reports to monitor driver progress

Compliance reminders automatically sent to drivers when classes are overdue

With no set-up costs, our program options including unlimited training or per module – whatever structure you deem best for your fleet.

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